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Arsenal v FC Twente Live

Emirates stadium will play host this Wednesday to dutch side FC Twente, as Arsenal prepare to ramp up the pace in this Champions League qualifier.

Having secured a lead of 2-0 in the first leg, Arsenal have a relatively clean margin over their rivals this round. Points in their last encounter were claimed by key components William Gallas and Emmanuel Adebayor. The Gunners look set to improve their performance on home ground, but with an unexpected loss to Fulham over the weekend, they are still reeling from the uncertainty rooted in defeat. Their poor game play will need to gather some pace as they progress. If you support the team, you can place your bet via securely.

Arsene Wenger will be sure that any further negativity will not influence his team and will be a pivotal part of the motivation, come Wednesday. With elements of apprehension clear in their form still, they still lack the drive and flow of their ‘regular’ game, and this reduction in both capability and strength is developing into a serious problem for the team. Nasri will be expected to perform beyond expectations, but the whole team understand that this match is crucial. They will all need go that extra mile in order to find the promise of victory against FC Twente. Anything short of a top class performance will leave the Gunners in a position of vulnerability, and even humiliation.

FC Twente have Steven Mclaren at the wheel this match, but with the loss of Marko Arnautovic, who is now suffering from a leg injury, any further mishap will be detrimental to the fragile lineup they present. With Australian Luke Wilkshire dropped into the mix, the team will be suffering from a lack of cohesion. Some believe that Mclaren has lost his magic touch ever since leaving England. His past actions still linger, with the misjudgments of the past still held firmly in the hearts and minds of fans. With the suspension of Blaise Nkufo too for this match, the front lines will be a clear incentive for their aggressive opponent to move in for the kill. Currently less than the favourite, FC Twente need to put on show, a quality demonstration of the potential which they are known to have. Their European prospects hang in the balance, and a loss in this match may see the end of their hopes for the league.

Free Soccer Pick Decision game for Arsenal – Wenger may have juggled his team a little too much. His hand has been forced by injuries this match, and there will be changes at half-time. Whilst the youthful look of the Gunners may present a worry to some, the quality of talent embedded in the lineup of drafted stars will be sufficient enough to secure this win. At worst, Arsenal need to draw to secure the first leg.


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