Five Tips To Play Table Tennis 

Table tennis is an indoor game in which player had to hit a small plastic ball with short rackets. It is also known as ping-pong. It plays on a big hard table divided into two parts with a net, and it was first played in England in 1880s. It was also an Olympic sports game since 1988 the rules of this game is very different ex- like games is of 11 points if we are playing double, serves must have to go in right court to a correct court or if your non-playing hand or any other body part touches the table and table moves than this is your opponents point. And with great knowledge in the game, you’d be able to make a decent amount of money should you decide to engage on 해외배팅사이트.


GRIP – Grip is the main aspect that some players skip this and go straight to hitting balls, but it was not good because a weak grip can cause your whole game. So the grip is very important to play table tennis.



Before you starting hitting the ball, the important skill is your footwork. The table tennis footwork is not usual footwork it is quite different.

  1. First, you had to concentrate on your side step footwork for fast changes directions.
  2. While working on your footwork keep your bat in your hand, it will help you to stay balanced, and you will experience actually playing.
  3. If you ever see the players they have massive legs because they work very hard so I will suggest you to do a lot of hard work to go to higher tires.



There a lot of different serves in table tennis but if you are beginners, you first start with a plain serve that has a little spin and a little bit topspin. Then if you are comfortable with the plain spin you can try forehand serve, backhand serves, high toss serves etc. The serve shot is the most important shot in the game.


  • STAY COOL AND have patience

A beginner often to get a habit of trying to smash the ball all the time and it gives the point to their opponent. So I recommended you to play patiently don’t lose your temper and make mistakes take a deep breath and then play. It will help you to play calmly and to concentrate on the game. So stay calm and patient to get the achievement.



Practice as much as you can because, without practice, you cannot do anything properly. Practice develops your strength, and you will know about your weakness; this will help you to correct them. Play practice games before every match because this will help you to understand your mistakes, and you have time to correct them quickly.



In these above points, we have discussed about the tips of table tennis this will help the beginners and as well as for players to improve their skills. So follow these tips to become a good player because this will help you to go ahead in future.











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